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Handcuff parapalegics and victims of wasting diseases and confiscate their doctor-prescribed medicine.Note how the corporations involved were never involved with private armies and never used violence.When Jason Sorens, Ph.D., conceived the Free State Project (FSP). How the Free State Project Is Influencing New Hampshire Politics.

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The American colonists could enact a number of laws that flew in the face of British standards because they were far enough away for British politicians to ignore.But if the federal government withholds your highway funds, they still make you pay your taxes to support them.

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Many of these new residents are a part of the “Free State Project”. Many of these “Free Staters” preach of personal freedom and less government.

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The Free State Project (FSP) is a nonprofit corporation with a mission statement of creating "a society in which the maximum role of government is the protection of.This plan would work if the 10th Ammendment actually meant something.

Even prison inmates have liberty, within the confines of their cells.The Free State Project is a group who are in the process of trying to convince around 20,000 libertarians to move to New Hampshire. The goal is to achieve enough.

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Because even if you turned New Hampshire into a libertarian paradise, so what.Bitcoin News: The Free State Project and the Role Bitcoin Plays in it.Within a short few years, they were in a state of total civil war: the survivors begged to be readmitted to the dominant society.

Indians have had this for years, they negotiate directly (for the most part) with the federal government, and they technically run their own show inside the borders.Free State Project /r/freestateproject: For libertarians, anarchists and others who want to participate in the Free State Project, an intentional libertarian.The Library of Congress > Law Library > Find Legal Resources > Databases & eResources. Free Access: Avalon Project. U.S. Department of State site presenting.

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It’s an amazing place. the free state project is about to be completed, there’s a big libertarian social scene here, beautiful environment, etc.Highlighting the 20,000 Free State Project activists moving to New Hampshire.NEW 'FREE STATE PROJECT', WITH A TWIST. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. May 10, 2016. South Carolina. In Ayn Rand's book 'Atlas Shrugged' libertarian minded people who.

On another note, my choice for them is any state governed by a pro wrestler.When the US has control over a territory, we never want to let it go.What if we focused on identifying, training and encouraging inspiring leaders instead.Hello, this is Bryce again. I am a participant in the Free State Project. What, exactly, does that mean? I’m just going to basically define the project here.The annual Porcupine Freedom Festival in Lancaster, organized by the Free State Project and drawing thousands from within and outside N.H., promotes the FSP ideals of.I think that it would be perfectly consistent of their Libertarian viewpoint to accept military protection from the federal government.

Free State Travel Guide includes Destination Information, Attractions, Photographs, Maps, Things to Do and Accommodation Guides for planning your Trip to the Free.The Website for "Free State Project" does not work -- is there still such a project?.I hope it works, but it would take a lot of dedication on their part.

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Wish the Feds would learn to play by the rules as far as drugs are concerned.

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We will end the collaboration between state and federal law enforcement officials in enforcing unconstitutional laws.The only reason food subsidies are needed is because tarrif barriers lock efficient food producers out of the US markets in favour of inefficient local producers.

Okian Warrior writes "About a decade ago Slashdot ran an article about the Free State Project: an attempt to get 20,000 liberty-minded activists to move to one state.And most cars that you buy that go that fast can actually handle the accident well.Without JavaScript enabled, you might want to turn on Classic Discussion System in your preferences instead.We will end asset forfeiture and abuses of eminent domain. See above.Well you need to look at the percentage of those 1.5M that actually vote.

That was unconstitutional and the Supreme Court struck it down.Ok, so, the idea is to move a whole shitload of people to one area and create a state where libertarianism rules supreme.Anyone living in a college town can see a similar concept in action.What is the Free State Project? with Granite State Progress - Join us as we examine the question, "What is the Free State Project?" - Presentation by Granite State.

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Those who have tried on a much smaller basis (Ruby Ridge and Pine Ridge) are either dead or in prison.

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From 10-12, as of the 2000 census, the % representation closely reflects the nation.I thought that was intended as more of a refugee camp type of thing.How are you going to find 20k people who always agree 100% on all of the issues listed on the website, will unanimously agree on all unforseen issues that will come up in the future, and will diligently vote on every single issue, achieving an unheard of 100% voter turnout rate.