Coingate review

Density, magnetic permeability etc. for a range of materials.Wrapper around low-level FS-related calls, with support for advanced FS stacking.Library to interact with the Control-Tower api-gateway (register, do requests to other microservices, etc).Pyterate is a Sphinx add-ons to generate API documentation using autogen and litterate programming documentation for Python projects.Templatetags that let you modify text and images directly in the django admin.

Also, some boilerplate code for making classes that support event registration and firing.Analyse all files in one or more directories and manage duplicate files (the same file present with different names).This module provides an easy way to manipulate and inspect lists of data.

Django Datawatch runs automated data checks in your Django installation.Twitter Bootstrap compatible widgets, templates and styles for the deform form library.Parse Dreamweaver templates (.dwt files), includes a pipe to dynamically render templates.Formatting of dates and times in Flask templates using moment.js.Django application for making galleries from uploaded zip file.Collection of extendible plugins for django-CMS to create and edit widgets in a simple manner.A python package and command-line tools to The product of teaching myself to create fortran extenions for python.

GateFactory is the stochastic universal logic gate generator for building up a boolean expression to approximate the function.It provides an interface to extract the filing from the site You might find it most useful for tasks involving automated data collection of filings from web-based wizard to facilitate importing structured data into Django models.Covest estimates the coverage and genome size, just from k-mer abundance histogram computed from DNA sequences reads.A more convenient and succinct way of expressing state machines in Python.Provides out of the box CRUD functionality including templates and gives you the ability to build your screen top-down.A Django reusable app providing the ability to use circular template inheritance.Create json logging output for pythonnosetests unittest framework.

Python Library that converts Javascript Date objects to Python Datetime objects.Response maker for Flask with RFC Standards such as Link Headers.Diary to create notebooks and store intermediate results and figures.Python interface to F-Secure Antivirus Daemon,Created using Pyrex.A python helper library for AWS API Gateway Custom Authorizers.

A specialized syntax highlighter that places code comments into the margins.OpenStack Boilerplate contains all the boilerplate you need to create an OpenStack package.A Django app used to monitor updates for Django and all installed python packages in the running environment.

Simple and powerfull tools for programming in Odoo framework (f.e shell, reference to models in stand-alone applications, Mediator pattern for intermodel communications).A collection of URL-related functions for Flask applications.WSGI middleware implementing Opendap server-side functions on the Pydap server.

WalT (Wireless Testbed) virtual package for walt-client update.Download the latest grsecurity test patches and the matching linux kernel version.A pretty command line tool to calculate the number of Pomodori available between two points in time.A set of python modules carrying operation related to Go source codes analysis used in Gofed.

A Tool to migrate data between database instances with JSON configuration files.Django Admin compatible ModelInline that can be related to the primary model on fields other than a Primary Key.

Optionally you can restore SQL dumped file to a new (created) PostGIS DB.A collection of tools that make it easy to create index pages (archives) suitable for the frontend of a Django project.Django application which integrates the OpenPay libraries for online transactions.A common set of compute primitives for PyCUDA and PyOpenCL (to be created).A python library that allow to calibrate netcdf images of the NOAA CLASS (Comprehensive Large Array-Data Stewardship System).

A small Flask extension adds suppot to Jade2Underscore templates compiler (used in Backbone) to Flask.Dataflow package provides a data analysis pipelineframework for data transformation and machine learning.It is based on Bootstrap datetime picker, supports both Bootstrap 3 and Bootstrap 2, and supports Font-Awesome.Python library for generating business dates for fast date operations and rich functionality.Text analysis library based on the Annotated Suffix Tree method.Generates and parses a YIN-like representation of a YANG model, consolidated into a single XML document.Various utilities related to date and time for testing purposes.A python library for get geographic coordinates from city name.Utilities to generate OpenAPI-compatible schema from API made with Django Rest Framework.

Dump an existing Route53 Hosted Zone as a CloudFormation YAML template.A Python tool for estimating velocity and time-series from Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) data.Small helper package that allnput and returns a dictionary of all the states that neighbor it.Capture and dispatch Stack-Driver compatible traces using a pure python implementation with a pythonic api: context-managers, thread-locals (for web requests) and method decorators.A python package of automated optimization tools - enhanced with machine-learning - for quantum scientific experiments, computer controlled systems or other optimization tasks.Adaptive Precision Floating-Point Arithmetic and Fast Robust Predicates for Computational Geometry for Python.Python project bootstraps for mr.bob: usual Python distro, buildout, and mr.bob template.